Do you have a strong “why”?

A strong reason why

We all heard about the importance of setting goals. But from setting a goal to achieving it, there is usually a long and sometimes bumpy road (unless you goal is trivial and you already know how to achieve it, but we won’t be talking about those). How do you make sure you stay on course no matter what else happens around you? It’s not easy.

Let’s say your goal is to have a very successful blog. A blog that will greatly benefit your readers in some way through your writing contributions. A blog that you can monetise in some way and make a full time income from. You have been dreaming about it for a while. The laptop lifestyle. No commuting to work. No boss. Working from anywhere you choose. Being able to take part in important events of your children (or grandchildren) because you have the time freedom. A blog so successful that when you go away on holidays with the whole family for a few weeks, the income keeps coming in and you have more money in the bank when you come back, then before the holidays.

You know that others do it, so it can be done. If they can do it, you can too.

And then what happens? Let me show you two very different scenarios.

The first one is that you still have doubts. Maybe you are not even aware of them, but they are there in your subconscious mind. You research the topic and finally after weeks of procrastinating you register a domain name, purchase web hosting and start your blog.

Then you find yourself dragging your feet, taking forever to write the first page – your ‘about’ page. It takes you weeks to get the first blog post written. You keep doubting yourself more (eh, this blogging stuff probably won’t work for me, it’s just too hard) and more with each week passing, spending less and less time and energy on your blog. You keep finding excuses: I’m too tired; I need to relax today, I had a really stressful day at work today; I’ll get back to it tomorrow. Yeah, right.

That’s typically how a dream dies for the majority of people. Two years from now, five years from now, they will be still in the same spot financially and in a much worse spot mentally.

Now let’s look at the second, much brighter, scenario.

You still have doubts. Of course. Everybody has them. We are all human after all. But…

You can’t wait to get to it. You set up your blog and keep writing more content every day. You keep publishing new posts fairly regularly. Well researched, very useful posts. Yes, you have days when you come back home from the office (you still have a day job) feeling tired and not really in a mood. But you push yourself gently because you know that writing a bit of content tonight will bring you that much closer to your goal of earning a full-time income online.

The first few months nothing happens and it does get frustrating at times. No Google traffic, no readers, no subscribers. But you know that this is just the way it is with new websites. You just keep on writing more content.

After several months other bloggers start noticing your blog and mention it on theirs. Google starts sending you some traffic. A little bit of income starts trickling in. You know that if you just keep on doing what you have been doing for a little while longer things will continue to get better.

Eventually you get to the point where you start living the lifestyle you have dreamt about for a couple of years or more. Life is beautiful.

What is the difference?

I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I do know that having a big reason why is very, very helpful. It should be something big. Something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Something you look forward to every day, many times a day. Something that makes you feel great every time you think about it.

It will be different for everybody. For One person it might be having the freedom to fly on holidays in business class few times a year. For another it might be to buy an exotic car. For another it could be sending their kids to a private college. For somebody else it might be having the time and money to help the less fortunate souls. How about having the money and time to start living your life’s purpose? Now it starts getting very interesting…

So, what is YOUR why? You need work it out and then keep reminding yourself every day, particularly when the road to your goal gets a little bit bumpy, as it almost inevitably will.

Do you have a strong why?

Just remember: The stronger your WHY is, the easier the HOW becomes.

And if you haven’t read about my green dot experiment yet, I highly recommend it. The green dot technique, as my whole family started calling it, has helped me tremendously in the past few months. It helped me to transform from a procrastinator, taking a few months to write a few hundred words, to these days writing 500 words or more every day. That’s more than 15,000 words per month.

Yes, I know it may seem like a lot if you haven’t done it before. It might even seem impossible to you right now (it did to me). And it will… until you actually make the decision and try it for yourself. I know you can.

Until next time. Stay focused.

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