About Focus and Grow Rich

Hey, Andy here.

Now, I want to be straight with you. I’m not some kind of an online guru. I’m just a regular guy. I still work a full-time job, in an industry I love (I’m a software developer).

A while ago I started asking myself what it would take to build a reliable income stream online, so I could become location-independent and be fully in charge of how I spend my time.

I have a very analytical mind (that’s probably why I love software development so much) and I also love doing thorough research on topics that interest me. You could say it’s one of my passions. When it comes to making money online, I soon realised that there are some great ways of doing it. But there is also so much rubbish out there.

Recently I had an idea that, since I love doing the research on how to make money online so much, I might as well share it with others. I could start journaling my best findings in a blog so that you and someone else could benefit from the results of my countless hours of research. And that’s how this blog was born. It’s my public journal on the best ways to make money online and the success mindset.

In many ways, these blog posts are really letters to myself. The process of writing and publishing these posts helps to maintain my own focus.

I sincerely hope that you will find this blog useful. If it helps you in any way in your own journey, I’ll be more than happy.


So you want to make money online. You have been searching for the best and most reliable ways to make some solid income from your laptop. It might be just to get some extra money to pay the bills, or maybe you dream about replacing your full-time job in the near future.

Perhaps you are intrigued what focus has to do with it, or maybe you are already well aware that focus and proper mindset have got a lot to do with your success.

You are in the right place. The focus of this blog (pun intended) will be on two things:

  1. making honest income online and
  2. the mindset required to be able to do it.

You can do it

Perhaps you are new to this whole making money online thing, or maybe you have tried for a while and still have nothing to show for it and perhaps you even begin to doubt you will ever succeed with making money online.

Ordinary people like you and me make money online every day (we will be looking at some real-life examples too). All it takes is the right know-how and a bit of focus. Quite a bit of focus, in fact. I truly believe that focus is what makes the difference between succeeding or not.

When you read the stories of people that are making tens of thousands of dollars per month online, keep in mind that in vast majority of cases it took them several years to get there. Focus and clear vision is what kept them going through the lean years. Meanwhile, most of the rest have given up after just a few months and then tried something else, and again, and again, never giving themselves enough time to succeed in anything.

Once you learn to focus on your online goals, the side benefit is that you will be able to use this skill in other areas of your life as well. Success is not just about money, not even primarily about money. We both fully understand that.

You are not too late

No, you have not missed the boat. If anything, making money online is actually easier today then even few years ago. The reason for this is very simple. There are more people using the Internet every day and most people are already used to the idea of either searching for information or making their purchases online. Both of which can make us money.

The use of web technology for non-technical people has never been easier than it is today and it gets easier every year.

I don’t care what age you are either. I’m in my fifties (LOL) and I don’t believe age has got anything to do with it. People of all ages make money online.

Just do it.

What is your why?

It all really starts here. You need a strong why in order to succeed with any major goal in life. What is your why? What will making money online really mean to you and the people you care most about?

Do you want to be able to work from any location in the world? Or just work from home without having to get up on time and commute to the office every day? Perhaps you want to be able to look after you little child or an elderly parent. Do you want to travel? Do you want to have the time and money freedom to be able to do the things you want, when YOU want to do them? We will be exploring the question of why in more detail, elsewhere in this blog.


Until next time. Stay focused.



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